Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q.’s about TweetPerks

Do I have to have a Twitter Account to shop on TweetPerks?

  • Answer: No!  You do not have to have a Twitter Account to shop on this site.  You can shop and purchase items without using a Twitter Account.

Do I have to have a Twitter Account to be a Vendor?

  • No.  You do not have to have a Twitter account to become a vendor on Tweetperks.

What location in the world are you focused on?

  • As of this date 4/28/21, shipping is only set up for the USA through UPSP at this time.  Vendors and customers need to be located in the USA.  We will expand this area to International shipping in the future, still having just USA vendors on board.  We need to walk before we run.

How much does it cost to be a vendor?

  • It is free to sign up and begin to list items.  Tweetperks will only take 2% from your sale.  You keep 98% of the sale price!

I signed up as a vendor but my request is “pending”, what does that mean?

  •  All vendors will be vetted to make sure they are qualified and  legitimate, not bots or bad actors.  We will also check on what you will be selling, this is so we do not duplicate items.  This gives each vendor a clear chance to sell their items, we will try not to duplicate products.

As vendor I have added products to my store but they are pending, why is that?

  • We will be vetting the products for new vendors in the beginning, to check with quality of pictures, verbiage, spelling, help with shipping, coupons, etc.  When the vendor is established, we will allow the vendor to post products without pending admin input.

How do I become a vendor on Tweetperks?

  • Login and fill out the vendor information.  You will be contacted by admin and then be able to setup your store on Tweetperks.